8 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Put your hand in the air if you can’t stand Instagram! No? No one? Knew it!
It’s beautiful, it’s easy, it’s inspiring: Instagram is some people’s claim to fame and others’ boredom breaker. For all of you out there, we’ve made a generous selection of aesthetically pleasing and mind inspiring accounts you need to click the follow button right now.

1) Aww.Sam 218K followers

Sam Ushiro is an Industrial Designer/ Stylist / Donut Aficionado based in NY that crafts beautiful items and captures them in stunning and colourful imagery. Prepare yourself for an influx of pinks, yellows and all around joyousness when you click through to her account.

2) Imiimace 5,797 followers

Imii is a 22 year old Brit blogging about life, travel, food and fun over at nettleandblackberry.com. Her aesthetic is bright and classy at the same time as she features snippets of her daily life.

3) Milla The Cat 393K followers

Milla is the cutest Scottish Fold cat and also a heart disease survivor! This gorgeous little pussycat is a pop-culture idol and a sight for sore eyes!

4) RyssFreakson 1,693 followers

Ryss is a drawing artist and film graduate that lives between Malaysia and England. With a great eye for detail and a passion for living, she captures mundane scenes and gives them a twist. Doesn’t post too often, but when she does, it’s mesmerising!

5) That_Monday 1,170 followers

Andra Oprea is another up and coming Instagram artist. Born in Romania, she travels the world and takes beautiful pictures in the process. Expect to see colourful images and  stunning outfits that will make you want to get on the first plane.

6) Freya.Wilcox 1,433 followers

Freya is a 24-year-old blogger living in London and snapping her daily life in the City. Expect gorgeous bright shots that feature latte art, stunning doors and her passion for candles.

7) Saint Hoax 411K followers

Saint Hoax declares himself a politically incorrect artist and a sociopolitical activist. A quick scroll through his feed will not only get you laughing out loud, but it will also make you think and start a conversation. Great for the more cynical out there!

8) ListicleMag 

 We post lists. In case you missed it from our name. And we also post badass quotes, memes, funnies and something to make you think. Why not give us a follow?
Any more suggestions? Leave them in the comments or using #AListicleAdventure on Twitter or Instagram.

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