The 11 Stages of Writing an Assignment

Oh, you’ll have enough time to actually finish the assignment. Just this one piece to read before you commit to understanding the handbook.

Just one more scroll.

One more like.

1. One month before: I’ve got time aplenty!


2. Still one month before: someone tells you he’s already started


3. 3 weeks before D-day: you start looking at articles online, you find your dream summer destination.


4. 2 weeks left: If you spread your work evenly, you won’t have to study for more than 45 minutes every day.


5. One week left: So you have a total of 5 free days – if you do your research today and start building a structure tomorrow…


6. Still one week left: Your mate informs you that he hasn’t started either.

7. 4 days left: What lectures can I miss without ruining my reputation so I can cram in some more research in the library?!


8. 3 days left: Why is the library so full and why are none of my books available!?


9. 1 day left: Maybe you’ll still pass. Maybe you won’t remember this terrible experience.


10. 3 hours left: This will definitely, without question, never ever happen again in your entire life!


11. Submitted!: Okay, next assignment’s due next month. I have plenty of time.



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