Why you should book your trip to Barcelona right now!

Paella, seafood, sea, dancing, sangria and sangre caliente – Spain is renowned for its vibrant culture and effervescent personalities. And Barcelona is all that condensed into a beautiful sea-side city covered in history and art.
So in case these 2 sentences haven’t convinced you to book your flight, here’s 8 more reasons why you should visit Barcelona!
  1. It’s a perfect combination of history and design

    barcelona3Thanks to Gaudi’s contributions to the city, Barcelona is now covered in beautifully crafted works of architectural art. From building facades to Park Guell, you will lose track of time admiring and photographing these colourful monuments, unique in Europe.

  2.  The insane amounts of free wifi

    Granted, a holiday is great for rest and relaxation, for disconnecting from social media. But here at Listicle, we’re guilty of Instagram-ing every single thing we lay our eyes on – so if you’re like us and just can’t let that phone down, there’s wifi aplenty!

  3. Las Ramblas

    Get yourself lost through the 5 boulevards of the famous Las Ramblas neighbourhood. Especially enchanting at night, it’s filled with tourists and locals alike, looking for a great meal to enjoy with their Sangria (or was it the other way around then?)

  4. The Gothic Quarter – also known as Barrio Gotico

    barcelona2.pngIf inspiration is what you’re looking for, then Barrio Gotico is the place for you. Wander along its narrow and beautiful streets and get lost in its culture and mystery.

  5. How is the food coming just at number 5?! We have failed as journalists

    21It’s paella, it’s fresh seafood, it’s fruit freshly picked and squeezed into delicious smoothies. And so much more than that! The food scene in Barcelona is incredible and a destination worthy of any foodie.

  6. The beaches and the sea

    Be it summer and bikini time or winter and quick-stroll-on-the-beach time, Barcelona is well known for its gorgeous beaches. Did we mention National Geographic named them 3rd best beach in the world? Not something you should take lightly!

  7. Sagrada Familia rings a bell?

    If you’ve been on the internet for 5 minutes, you’ll definitely know about one of the most beautiful monuments in Europe. And if not, here’s 5 seconds to google it. 1,2,3,4,5. Ok. Now do you want to go Barcelona?

  8. Getting to and from the airport is cheaper than a beer

    And you’ll get from there to Sagrada Familia in about 30 minutes. Nothing better than a quick connection for a cheap weekend city break.


So what now? If you’ve been to Barcelona and want to share your tips with us or if you’re going and want to share with the world your adventures, use #AListicleAdventure to talk to us!


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